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Q&A: How Safe are Supplements?

Question: Dr. Furman, there are a multitude of supplements advertised as being good for your health. Will these help me stay healthy or lose weight more easily? Answer: I will answer that as directly as possible: beware of supplements. Taking supplements offers one of the greatest false securities that I have ever encountered in my […]

Lifestyle Trumps Genetics

What you inherit is not nearly as significant as your present lifestyle.  The medical literature has many reports where someone leaves one country, where they are not eating foods high in saturated fat, trans fat and dietary cholesterol, and moves to America. Their cholesterol levels increase, resulting in a significant rise in the rate of […]

Couch Potato to Heart Smart in 10 Weeks

The quality of your life is so much more significant than the length of your life.  All of us have seen individuals who are “alive”, per-se, but the quality of their lives is not optimal, and many are even terrible.  They sit on the couch and do whatever; but they just sit. One of the […]

Breast Cancer Awareness: Are You Aware How Alcohol Affects Breast Cancer Risk?

There are a variety of diets out there. And most of them touch on the subject of alcohol. So what about a glass of wine with your meal? It adds calories, but you may have read that it can help your heart by raising your HDL Cholesterol a bit. Or, you’ve heard that red wine […]

The Key to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Keeping excess weight off for good, and developing a lifestyle of eating the proper foods to protect your arteries are the primary goals for a healthy weight loss plan.  You are talking of a lifestyle change that will continue the remainder of your life.  We are not contemplating how to drop pounds the quickest, but […]

What is Good for the Heart is Good for the Brain

Having a stroke is not the only problem arising from blocked arteries in the brain. The same process also results in dementia. Dementia is a terrible way to spend the last five to ten years of your life. Is there anything you can do to prevent it? Or is it just something that happens as […]

Q&A: “Everything in moderation” is a good guide for a healthy diet, right?

Question: Dr. Furman, there are certain foods that I feel I can’t give up for good.  May I stick to the program during the week, but eat some of my favorites on the weekend if I keep it “in moderation”? Answer: The saddest medical statistic that I know, is that only 12% of people who […]

The Truth About Medication Versus Prevention

Staying as healthy as possible comes down to one word: prevention. So many times a physician prescribes a medicine to treat a patient for a problem but does not adequately emphasize what the patient should personally do to fight against the cause of the problem. The prevention aspect for good health gets overlooked or minimized. […]

The 10- Second Rule that Can Save Your Life

Someone once said they wished there was an app that allowed them to take a picture of the food they were thinking of buying at the grocery store that would then tell them whether or not they should eat it.  How do you pick the right foods at the grocery store? How do you know […]