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Tips to Keep Holiday Eating in Check

While we often think of the holiday season as especially known for decadent treats and dishes, I beg to differ. The everyday American diet is full of decadent treats and dishes – we just dress them up more prettily at the holidays! We tend to give ourselves permission to indulge more readily throughout this season […]

Q&A: How do I calculate my ideal weight?

“Prescription for Life” will make you aware of how important weight is in keeping your body machine functioning at optimum efficiency. One of the most significant things you can ever do for yourself is to maintain an ideal weight. Are you at your ideal weight? Do you even know what your ideal weight is? Are […]

My Motivating Moment

My initial awakening to the realization that I needed to do something differently in my lifestyle came when I realized I had increased the waist size of my trousers for the third time in three years. My first moment of decision about changing my lifestyle to improve my overall health came when I realized I […]

Colon Cancer: What Can You Do?

The benefits of healthy eating and exercise go beyond protecting the heart and preventing strokes and dementia. It is important to realize that after heart disease, cancer is the next most common killer. And colon cancer ranks high on the list of potential cancer risk. While concern for your colon may not be high on your […]

700 Club Interview

What a great opportunity I had this week to be on the 700 Club to discuss “Prescription for Life.” Millions were able to hear three simple strategies to live younger longer. If you would like to watch the interview, visit my media page or click here.

Q&A: I eat fairly well, but don’t have time to exercise. Is this enough to keep me healthy?

Over half of Americans are completely sedentary, meaning that they do not participate in any purposeful exercise. This lifestyle choice is essentially taking 6-7 years off their life-expectancy. If you cannot walk a quarter-of-a-mile in 5 minutes you are 30% more likely to die in the next 3 years than someone who can. The most […]

3 Keys to a Healthy Commitment

If staying as young as possible comes down to the current and future health of our arteries, then the key is prevention. And prevention comes down to one word: commitment. Many say that they want to lose weight. Or they say they want to be more active. But what is holding the “many” back? There […]

4 Weight Loss Secrets That Really Work

Over 88% of Americans are not at their ideal weight. You don’t have to fall into this large group. Instead, follow these four secrets to lose weight and keep it off for good: Weight Loss Secret 1: Get full with the fewest calories. Learn which foods contain the fewest calories, and eat more of those […]

Why a Cholesterol Test is Better Than a Heart Attack

Fact: 85% of everyone over the age of fifty has some significant blockage in the arteries of their heart, without experiencing any symptoms.  So how do you know if you have blockage? Let me share an analogy that highlights the importance of having your cholesterol levels tested regularly. Several years ago I bought a new four-wheel drive […]