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How to Stop the #1 Killer in 2015

Having a heart attack is the number one killer in America. Eighty-five percent of everyone over the age of fifty has some significant blockage in the arteries of their heart, without experiencing any symptoms. Only 7.6% of people who suffer a complete cardiac arrest, outside of a hospital setting, survive long enough to be discharged. […]

How to Break a Food Addiction

It takes about two months to be able to substitute one good food for a harmful one. The nice part is that down the road you will enjoy the new, healthy food the way you enjoyed the old, damaging one. The day will come when you could not care less about eating a bite of […]

Q&A: I hate the taste of vegetables, what can I do?

Many people have told me over the years that they just don’t like vegetables. I understand that it can be a stark transition to move from a diet full of fried foods, treats, and rich meats to one of plant based sources, chicken and fish. But, whether you believe me or not right now, your body […]

Fight the Good Fight (Against Cancer)

An interesting study followed cancer survivors for seven years. Looking specifically at later causes of death, the findings answer the question each one of the patients asked themselves after the initial treatments and operations: “Even though I have initially survived, will my cancer cause my death sometime down the road?” And if you’re a cancer […]

I’m Going to Huff and Puff to Help My Heart

Strengthening your heart muscle is similar to strengthening your biceps. The more you exercise it, the thicker and stronger the heart muscle gets. The heart muscle is just like any other muscle. If it is forced to exercise at least at a minimum on most days, the muscle grows thicker. Aerobic exercise is so important […]

Q&A: You suggest cutting cheese, but isn’t it a good source of calcium?

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that eating cheese is necessary because it contains beneficial calcium. The calcium found in cheese comes with a heavy toll – harmful saturated fats that clog and damage your arteries. Adults should consume about 1,000 mg of calcium a day (which is about 1 cup of skim or fat-free milk). […]

Say No to Fad Diets

You probably have been on some type of fad diet sometime in the past. There are two problems with such programs. Many of them have a harmful effect on your arteries, and the vast majority of them result in you eventually regaining your weight. Why? Because of what happens to people who go on such […]

The Ten Minute Trick to Boost Your Self-Control

What do  you do when that decadent piece of holiday “cheer” is sitting before you? It can be tough to walk away. But, I have a trick to share that will help. I want to introduce you to a dynamic secret. It is the most important and amazing self-control tool I know. It is the spark […]