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A Lesson from James Bond

James Bond’s famous catchphrase “shaken, not stirred” does not exactly refer to a beacon of health, since it is his standard order for a martini. But his consistent demand is a strategy we can adopt in choosing “grilled, not fried” foods. When you see the word fried on a menu, you look further. The basic […]

Q&A: If I exercise, can’t I eat anything I want?

Question: I think I am at a good weight and I exercise regularly because frankly, I want to eat what I want. Is this a safe strategy as long as I don’t carry excess weight? Answer: I have a few concerns when I’m faced with this question. First of all, many people are wearing rose-colored […]

E.D. Could Warn of Future Heart Attack

In “Prescription for Life,” I explain how blockage in the arteries leads to death by heart attacks and strokes in 50% of Americans. This blockage is caused primarily by small LDL cholesterol “splinters” that get into the walls of arteries throughout the body. Men need to realize that these “splinters” do not pick and choose […]

Not Dead, But Disabled

I’ve heard many a person say, “I figure I’ll go when I go” as a blasé argument against changing their lifestyle to prevent heart disease. They presume that the end will be the end. But, will it? Having a stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability in adults, and the fourth leading cause of death.  […]

Q&A: How can I prevent cancer as well as heart disease?

Question: I am a afraid of dying from cancer as I am of dying from a heart attack or stroke. Is there any thing I can do to prevent cancer? Answer: The good news is that the same three Prescription for Life lifestyle changes that protect your arteries from heart attacks and strokes, also help […]

Dr. Furman Interview with James Dobson

It’s a brand new year, and many of us have made resolutions about eating healthy. But what does that look like? Which foods should we eat, and which foods should we avoid? I had a great opportunity to discuss these and many more questions on Family Talk radio with  Dr. James Dobson. Thousands were able to hear […]

Q&A: How can I prevent a second heart attack?

Question: Dr. Furman, I  was shocked when I ended up in the hospital with a major heart attack. In hindsight I’ll admit that I did not heed my doctor’s warnings about my increasing weight and cholesterol levels. Is there anything someone like me, who has just had a first heart attack, can do to prevent another […]

The Genetics Myth

Genetics is overplayed in most minds. I’ve heard many say, “High cholesterol is hereditary in my family. Mine is heightened just because of my genes.” I’ve also had patients tell me their Aunt Mary never exercised, ate butter, eggs, gravy, and fried potatoes all her life, and lived to be eighty-nine, so they can live […]

Q&A: How is your book different from other diet books?

Question: How is “Prescription for Life” different from all the other multitude of books written on weight loss and a healthy lifestyle? Answer: “Prescription for Life” is different from others in that it is based on scientific proof of articles published in medical journals. It is basically written on a review of the medical literature written […]

Your Course Determines Your Destination

Start the New Year with knowledge and with empowered commitment! The saddest words a doctor can hear from someone who has just been diagnosed with a severe health problem, one that could have been prevented are —“If only I had known.” More than half of all Americans, as well as people in many other countries with […]