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The Dangers of Supplements

The Prescription for Life plan is based on the reality that there are no easy alternatives to defeat the aging process. You can’t trick your body into becoming healthy. Instead, the proper lifestyles of losing weight, exercising, and eating the right foods are the solution. Yet, you’ve probably seen an abundance of well-advertised supplements that […]

Strategies that Protect Against Cancer

The two most common ways that people die are from arterial-related disease and cancer. Arterial disease causes over 50% of deaths, and cancer causes an additional 25%. Most people know that lung cancers can be prevented by not smoking. However, very few realize that up to 38% of breast cancers and up to 45% of […]

Fiber is Your Friend

Recently published in the Annals of Neurology, a study conducted exams on seven hundred people who were 65 or older. Those who adhered more closely to a diet consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables, whole-grain bread, pasta, olive oil, and fish were up to 36% less likely to have damage to their brains as a […]

The Physics of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Numerous reports in the medical literature show that the life expectancy of those who are sedentary is comparable to those who smoke or have high blood pressure. Yet, most people also do not realize the dangers of not exercising. If you know how bad smoking is to your physical condition and realize what high blood […]

Go for Your Goal!

A person’s goal is everything. The higher the goal, the more the success in what you are attempting. Because your most prized possession is your health, make it your goal to succeed in your Prescription for Life plan. Setting your goal is the single most essential thing in losing your excess weight. Without a goal, […]

Do You Know America’s Most Dangerous Food?

Do you know America’s most dangerous food? Here’s a hint: you most likely eat it every day! The food I am talking about contains the highest amount of saturated fat and represents the greatest amount of animal fat consumed in America. The answer is: CHEESE. Cheese adds more saturated fat to your diet than any […]

Sack the Sauce, Not the Flavor

Just because you order a vegetable based, pasta, or grilled entrée doesn’t mean you have protected your arteries. You also have to be aware of the type of sauces they are going to place on top of your meal. A simple question to ask is whether or not the sauce that comes with your order […]

Habits Help Autopilot Your Life

The purpose of Prescription for Life is not to give you a list of black-and-white do’s and don’ts. It is to inform you so that you can make your own decisions about the direction you are going to take. And remember, your direction determines your destination. Healthy changes, both big and small, can develop into […]

Don’t Let Snacks Sabotage Your Workout

My last post was about how the little things count. A snack often seems like a little thing. We often snack and don’t even think about it. Well, let’s take a look at how a little thing like a snack can sabotage your exercise efforts. You burn around a hundred calories per mile whether you […]