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Got Goals?

Studies show that people who pre-decide on a goal and write it down are 10 – 20 times more likely to succeed. Write your goal weight on a sticky-note and place it in a prominent place where you can see it often, such as your wallet, purse, or bathroom mirror. Think through realistic long-term, intermediate, […]

Q&A: Are vitamins and fish-oil capsules necessary supplements?

Question: You do not suggest taking supplements in Prescription for Life, and especially warn against the dangers of alternative, herbal medicines and weight-loss pills. But, do vitamins and fish oil capsules fall in to this category of supplements? Answer: In Prescription for Life I point out that herbal medicines and alternative drugs do not undergo the scientific testing […]

The Great Gluten Debate

The negative part of the gluten “gossip” is that the discussion focuses on something that is minimal. People can get a false sense of security that they are doing something great for their health by cutting out gluten – they think it is a miracle cure for weight loss. However, they are majoring on the […]

Confused About Calories

I’ve had a number of questions from “Prescription for Life” plan followers who are fine-tuning their diet. These have ranged from questions about daily calories, fat-free products, grass-fed meats, gluten, and various food-fads and trends. Please visit my blog to read my perspective on these specific ingredients. I have to admit that once my wife […]

Coconut Oil Conundrum

Coconut oil seems to be a current food fad. Online recipes abound for adding to smoothies, baked goods, and even DIY skin products. I would not get into an argumentative discussion with anyone about the proposed benefits of coconut oil use because there are so many mixed reports on it. Personally however, I find the […]

What Everyone Ought to Know

Do you know your cholesterol numbers? You get the report from the doctor, and you look at the numbers. Do you have any idea what they mean? They should speak to you. Some of them ought to shout at you to do something differently, or you will end up dying twelve years earlier than your time. […]

Start Exercising Today

There is a direct correlation between being overweight and dying from heart disease. But, maintaining your ideal weight by diet alone is very difficult. This is why exercise is so important. Consider the Brown University study cited in Prescription for Life, where two groups of overweight women were compared. One group dieted and exercised while […]

Q&A: Isn’t grass-fed beef better?

Question: Some people suggest choosing grass-fed beef or bison because they are leaner than regular beef. Why don’t you include them as options for lean protein? Answer: You hear of leaner cuts of beef having less fat than others. You even hear how grass-fed beef is much better for you than all others. All that may […]