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Hitting the Mark

Setting goals is important in life.  In fact, it is imperative if you are going to succeed.  Writing down a goal is almost magical.  I began realizing what my goals should be as I read more and more articles out of established medical journals.  The more I read, the more I understood that the health […]

Never put off till tomorrow…

Someone asked me “what are the symptoms of high cholesterol?”  It took only one word to answer him.  “None” was all I had to say.  And that is the problem.  We eat certain foods that cause our “bad” LDL cholesterol to rise in our bloodstream.  Our eating habits give a constant increase in the number […]

The Aha Moment

Prescription For Life is a review of the medical literature, written in layman’s terms. It covers three lifestyles you can control to keep you as young physiologically as possible.  There are certain times in life we look back and see “moments” when we made a decision that changed our lives from that time on.  One […]