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Why Can’t I Remember?

The other day on television they stated that the most dreaded disease process we confront today is that of dementia.  We see the parents, the grandparents, older friends who are developing Alzheimer’s disease.  When I was young, they called it: “hardening of the arteries”.  There are actually two main types of dementia: Alzheimer Dementia and […]

Don’t Wait for the Symptoms….

Your initial symptom could be death.  Many times, the first heart attack is deadly.  Don’t center your health on symptoms.  Make your focus on prevention.  There may be something even worse than that fatal heart attack.  There are other arteries in your body that undergo the blockage process and result with your initial symptom being […]

Quality and Quantity

Listen up.  It’s not about adding years to your life.  Why would anyone want to live an extra 7-12 years to spend it in a wheel chair, or bed, or just sitting and staring at the wall?  That is not what quality life is about.  You want to die active.  We want that last decade […]

Reversing the Aging Process

You are only as young as your arteries. Think about that a minute.  If your arteries begin to age, you age.  If you protect your arteries, you will physiologically, stop the clock.  Actually, you can turn your physiological age back quite a few years.  Heart attacks, strokes, dementia and impotence are all caused by not […]