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Are You Listening??

There are two types of people. Which are you?  Type one will hear the statistics and do something about it and type two are those who hear the numbers and continue life on as usual.  Which type are you? Listen to these stats and see if they tell you to do something you are not […]

If I Had Only Known….

I have had patients tell me: “if I had only known”. If they had only known what caused them to have a heart attack, they would have lived differently. If they had only known the real danger of smoking, they would not have developed lung cancer. Well, let me ask you a personal question. If […]

Prescription for Heart Attack Prevention

Have you had a heart attack or know someone who has? There are some numbers you should know to remind yourself or to tell your friend. So many people say they had a heart attack but it was just a “light one”, they say. “All the doctors had to do was just place a stint.” […]

This is the Police. We have you surrounded…

Not all fats are bad.  Some are actually good because they cause an increase in your good “hero” HDL cholesterol.  Think of nuts and fish and olives as being the most common foods that contain the good fats.  Those, plus weight loss and exercise help raise your HDL cholesterol.  HDL Cholesterol protects you by battling […]