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Do you want to prevent something happening to you?

Are you where you want to be from a health standpoint? Would you like to turn your physiological clock back 7-12 years. Would you like to be at your ideal weight and sustain it for the rest of your life? Do you want to prevent something happening to you that will kill over half of […]

Did Your Doctor Tell You….

Almost half of everybody over the age of 45 is on a medication to lower their cholesterol. This says a lot about the most significant health problem we have in America. It is shown statistically that such medication helps prevent heart attacks and strokes because it lowers the “lethal” LDL cholesterol in your blood. So, […]

Should I Be Taking Aspirin?

Do you take an aspirin a day to prevent a heat attack? Do you know someone who does? Nearly a third of middle-aged Americans regularly take a baby aspirin in hope of preventing a heart attack or stroke.  Some doctors are reporting that they are stopping more patients from taking aspirin than they are starting […]

A False Sense of Security

So many times you actually believe you are doing great things to develop quality into your life. Yet, the pill you are taking or the special type food you are eating is having minimal effect on your health. You are made to believe you are shooting elephants but actually you are only killing gnats. The […]