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What Does Genetics Have to Do With It?

Does genetics count? I ate lunch today with a gentleman, and somehow his conversation got around to the association of cholesterol in your blood and the danger of having a heart attack or stroke. (He even mentioned the association of erectile dysfunction with cholesterol but stated the main question centered on heart attacks.) “My genes […]

Are You Listening to Your Food?

If someone told you that you have over a fifty-fifty chance of dying from something you could prevent, would you take the necessary actions to prevent it happening? If you were standing in the middle of the road and an 18-wheel truck was coming down the hill toward you, would you get out of the […]

There are always two sides of a coin…

Do your cholesterol numbers really matter all that much? Every five years the U.S. Department of Health does a review of dietary guidelines the government provides to help Americans live healthier lives. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recently made a report concerning fat. Some news articles reported that a low fat diet wasn’t necessarily healthy. […]

Work Together for Success!

I read in today’s news that someone exercises more consistently if their spouse exercises also. How important is it to have an accountability partner, or group? Would you eat more properly if you were a member of a five-person group who keep everyone accountable for what they had for lunch? Would you be less likely […]