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The Truth About Red Meat

“I like steak. Don’t think I could give it up.” That’s what she told me out-right. That’s before she read Prescription For Life. I quickly told her the medical fact that saturated fat in certain foods causes an elevation of the “lethal” LDL cholesterol in her blood, and that these particles were like little splinters […]

Is There a Difference Between Grilled and Fried?

What is so bad about eating fried foods? Well, first, frying a food adds about a third more calories than eating it without frying. And secondly, the basic oil mostly used today in frying food, is animal based and full of the saturated fats you want to avoid. That is the most common fat that […]

What’s Going into Your Grocery Cart?

What is your first step – when you actually make the commitment to begin eating properly? It may be to cut out cheese that day at lunch-time. It may be to order a grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo rather than the usual double cheese hamburger with bacon. But the real significant decision point is […]