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Six Foods You Should Avoid in Order to Fight the Aging Process

Six foods you should avoid in order to fight the aging process and be able to live 6-12 years younger physiologically.  Think of them as a mind picture so you will never forget them.  A juicy steak on a plate.  An fried egg on top of the steak and then a thick slice of cheese […]

Grilled Rather Than Fried

Nothing fried.  Is that possible?  That won’t be a 100% rule but you should come close to it.  Once you realize what is causing your aging process, it will become easier to eat grilled foods rather than fried. Put fried foods on a scale and weigh the outcome of what will happen to the arteries […]

Does Butter Weigh Heavy on Your Heart?

A paddy of butter – is it all that bad?  Remember that we are talking about eating lifestyles.  Eating habits.  If we make a habit of placing butter on our bread, we don’t even think about it.  If we have always placed a glob of butter on our baked potato, we will do it again […]