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The Secret to Maintaining a Healthy Weight

“I want to lose weight quickly.  Will the Prescription For Life plan do that for me?”  That is a frequently asked question.  You see advertisements on T.V. that guarantee your money back if you don’t lose five pounds the first week.  Don’t even go there.  Many diets do actually allow you to lose weight.  I […]

Can My Lifestyle Help Prevent Cancer?

Are you afraid of dying from cancer?  No one can escape from ever getting any type of cancer but the medical literature shows that approximately 1/3 of all cancer deaths can be avoided by developing the three lifestyles of 1) getting to an ideal weight, 2) eating properly, and 3) exercising.  I read in the […]

Will Testosterone Fix My ED?

“Do you know anything about how testosterone is supposed to affect you?”  That was a gentleman’s question without any lead in discussion.  I asked him why he wanted to know and he responded that he had a little bit of erectile dysfunction and had ordered some testosterone because he saw an ad in an airplane […]

How to Become Younger in 2017

Setting goals is important in life.  In fact, it is imperative if you are going to succeed.  Writing down a goal is almost magical.  I began realizing what my goals should be as I read more and more articles out of established medical journals.  The more I read, the more I understood that the health […]