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The Role of the Arteries in the Aging Process

The aging process of your body is primarily dependent on the condition of your arteries.  If you remember nothing else — I want you to realize the monumental role your arteries play on the chronological aging of your body.  The flow of blood through your body carries nutrients, oxygen, electrolytes, and essentials that keep the […]

Choosing the Right Course for the Right Destination

The course you are on determines your destination.  It is so easy to age gracefully.  It is normal to add a couple of pounds a year and not even think about it.  You just keep going up one size in your waist and buy some new clothes.  You don’t think about what you are eating […]

I Want to be Active When I Die!

A simple goal that can lead you to a healthy lifestyle…. He looked to be in his sixties as he jogged down the beach on Grand Cayman Island.  I had seen him many times before but that day, I decided to run along with him so I could ask about his exercise program.  When I […]