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When is the best time to begin the battle to defeat dementia?

Stage-one of Alzheimer’s is the period before the individual shows problems with memory or mental acuity. The process is going on in your brain but neither you, nor anyone else, know it because it isn’t bad enough to show any symptoms. There is no cognitive mental decline because you have enough good neurons continuing to […]

What is going on in the brain 20-30 years before the first symptom of Alzheimer’s?

Defeating Dementia is the life story of a lady who progressed through all three stages of Alzheimer’s.  Mrs. Dell was her name.  As you read her progression, you will also read from a medical literature point, what was going on in her brain as the disease worsened. The question is: when did Mrs. Dell initially […]

Is the damage to the brain cells in someone with Alzheimer’s permanent?

To understand what happens to the neurons in the brain of someone with Alzheimer’s, let’s look at the neuron unit – the nerve cell itself. A battle is on-going. In different sections of the brain, clumps of neurons are slowly being destroyed. It’s the bad army versus the good. The bad is associated with Alzheimer’s […]