About Dr. Richard Furman

Richard-Furman“If only I had known…”

Those are the five saddest words a doctor can hear from someone who has just been diagnosed with a severe problem, especially one that could have been prevented.

As a doctor with over 30 years experience, I want to help you prevent the most common health problems that damage your body. I know this sounds like a bold promise, but once you have read my book, Prescription for Life, you will never need to say, “If only I had known…” You are going to know, and I will help you.

Since finishing medical school and surgical training, I’ve been a thoracic and vascular surgeon. I’ve operated on blockages of arteries throughout the body—arteries to the heart, the brain, the kidneys, and the legs. With my own hands, I have opened arteries that were blocked with so much plaque that vital blood flow was completely choked off. I have bypassed a blockage of plaque by a taking vein out of a patient’s leg, sewing one end of the vein into an artery in front of a blockage, and sewing the other end into the artery past the blockage. I have opened the main artery leading to the brain and taken a miniature spoon to remove plaque that was blocking 95 percent of the blood flow to that half of the brain.

Over half of all Americans will die because of the war going on inside their arteries. I’ve been fighting this war all my surgical life. But now, instead of operating on the symptoms of aging, I want to help save lives by teaching people like you how to prevent these common health problems. With my help, you can win the battle.

Here’s my prescription for you today:
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Together, I’ll help you walk the path to better health and living younger, longer!

Official Bio:

Dr. Richard Furman, MD, FACS, has over 30 years experience as a vascular surgeon. He is passionate about helping people prevent the problems that kill over half of all Americans. His unique ability to combine easy-to-follow advice with the latest medical research empowers men and women to:

  • Achieve and maintain their ideal weight
  • Reduce their risk for life-threatening diseases
  • Make exercise a natural part of their lives
  • Learn what foods to eat and what foods to avoid

Dr. Furman’s experience includes serving as past president of the North Carolina Chapter of the American College of Surgeons, past president of the North Carolina Surgical Society, and a two-term governor of the American College of Surgeons. He also cofounded World Medical Mission, the medical arm of Samaritan’s Purse, and is a member of the board of Samaritan’s Purse. Dr. Furman lives in North Carolina.