Why is LDL Cholesterol So Dangerous?

Why is your total cholesterol number so important?  It’s because most of that   Why is LDL cholesterol so dangerous?  The best example of understanding why it is so damaging to the walls of your arteries throughout your body is that of a splinter being stuck in your finger.  The tissue in your finger begins to […]

Changing Your Lifestyle not Your Medication

The number one drug prescribed today is to lower your LDL cholesterol.  When anyone states that your cholesterol is not important anymore, just remember that the medical community knows that it has been proven that getting your LDL cholesterol lower has saved thousands of patients from heart attacks and strokes.  You can do this by […]

Money Can’t Buy Me … Extra Life

Money can’t buy extra years for your life. The Bible states that a man’s money can’t keep him from the grave.  All must die someday.  But if you know a statistic from the medical literature, it is possible to buy additional years to your life expectancy.  The following is a report from the Journal of […]

What Does “Elevated Cholesterol” Actually Mean?

Do you know what it means when your doctor tells you that your “cholesterol is elevated”? You really should take a few minutes and study what your cholesterol numbers mean because there is one of those numbers that results in doctors prescribing you the most prescribed drug in America, and that is you LDL cholesterol.  […]

Your First Symptom Could Be a Heart Attack

Eighty-five percent of everyone over the age of fifty, have some significant blockage in the arteries of their heart, without experiencing any symptoms.  That is reported in the medical literature and is a scary statement.  They haven’t had the first pain in their chest.  They haven’t had any undue shortness of breath.  They haven’t experienced […]

Learning the Facts

“But I only eat free range beef and all organic foods.”  That was her response to eating healthy.  “I buy all my food at the organic food store.  All of it.”  You may think you are doing everything possible to keep your body running at peak performance.  You may be eating free range meat and […]

The Heroes in Your Blood

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that exists in the outer layer of every cell in your body, maintaining each cell’s membrane.  It is involved in the production of sex hormones, as well as hormones released by your adrenal glands.  It insulates nerve fibers.  It is significant in the metabolism of certain vitamins, including A, D, […]

You Can Help Prevent Dementia

The other day on television they stated that the most dreaded disease process we confront today is that of dementia.  We see the parents, the grandparents, older friends who are developing Alzheimer’s disease.  When I was young, they called it: “hardening of the arteries”.  There are actually two main types of dementia: Alzheimer Dementia and […]

The Devastation of a Stroke

Your initial symptom could be death.  Many times, the first heart attack is deadly.  Don’t center your health on symptoms.  Make your focus on prevention.  There may be something even worse than that fatal heart attack.  There are other arteries in your body that undergo the blockage process and result with your initial symptom being […]

Your Prescription is Ready

Listen up.  It’s not about adding years to your life.  Why would anyone want to live an extra 7-12 years to spend it in a wheel chair, or bed, or just sitting and staring at the wall?  That is not what quality life is about.  You want to die active.  We want that last decade […]