The Heroes in Your Blood

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that exists in the outer layer of every cell in your body, maintaining each cell’s membrane.  It is involved in the production of sex hormones, as well as hormones released by your adrenal glands.  It insulates nerve fibers.  It is significant in the metabolism of certain vitamins, including A, D, […]

You Can Help Prevent Dementia

The other day on television they stated that the most dreaded disease process we confront today is that of dementia.  We see the parents, the grandparents, older friends who are developing Alzheimer’s disease.  When I was young, they called it: “hardening of the arteries”.  There are actually two main types of dementia: Alzheimer Dementia and […]

The Devastation of a Stroke

Your initial symptom could be death.  Many times, the first heart attack is deadly.  Don’t center your health on symptoms.  Make your focus on prevention.  There may be something even worse than that fatal heart attack.  There are other arteries in your body that undergo the blockage process and result with your initial symptom being […]

Your Prescription is Ready

Listen up.  It’s not about adding years to your life.  Why would anyone want to live an extra 7-12 years to spend it in a wheel chair, or bed, or just sitting and staring at the wall?  That is not what quality life is about.  You want to die active.  We want that last decade […]

Stopping the Clock on the Aging Process

You are only as young as your arteries. Think about that a minute.  If your arteries begin to age, you age.  If you protect your arteries, you will physiologically, stop the clock.  Actually, you can turn your physiological age back quite a few years.  Heart attacks, strokes, dementia and impotence are all caused by not […]

The Silent Process of Aging

Most do not know what is going on in their bodies. Damage is happening quietly and most have no idea what we are doing that is causing the problem of aging. The aging process is determined by the health of your arteries. Picture in your mind, small particles floating around in your blood. Some of […]

The Key to Living Younger Longer

Your health is one of the most prized possessions you will ever own.  If your automobile needed an oil change, you would get it done.  If your refrigerator quit working properly, you would do whatever to make it work.  What about your body?  You need more than just a diet plan, or how to lose […]

The Role of the Arteries in the Aging Process

The aging process of your body is primarily dependent on the condition of your arteries.  If you remember nothing else — I want you to realize the monumental role your arteries play on the chronological aging of your body.  The flow of blood through your body carries nutrients, oxygen, electrolytes, and essentials that keep the […]

Choosing the Right Course for the Right Destination

The course you are on determines your destination.  It is so easy to age gracefully.  It is normal to add a couple of pounds a year and not even think about it.  You just keep going up one size in your waist and buy some new clothes.  You don’t think about what you are eating […]

I Want to be Active When I Die!

A simple goal that can lead you to a healthy lifestyle…. He looked to be in his sixties as he jogged down the beach on Grand Cayman Island.  I had seen him many times before but that day, I decided to run along with him so I could ask about his exercise program.  When I […]