3 Keys to a Healthy Commitment

ID-100201751If staying as young as possible comes down to the current and future health of our arteries, then the key is prevention. And prevention comes down to one word: commitment. Many say that they want to lose weight. Or they say they want to be more active. But what is holding the “many” back? There are three steps to true commitment to a lifestyle change that I want to examine:

1. Need and Knowledge Start us Down the Right Path
Few realize the need. So many who are overweight or don’t exercise, who are eating themselves into the grave, who are developing dementia, high blood pressure, or diabetes never see the need to eat properly, to get to an ideal weight, or to exercise. They are given a pill to get their cholesterol down, a pill to lower their blood pressure, another pill to control their sugar, and they take an aspirin to prevent a heart attack. We must realize the need to do more. Being treated with pills is not the same kind of protection prevention is. There is so much you can personally do to prevent your problem.

Knowledge is also an important step in changing to a healthier lifestyle. Knowing the right foods to eat, those to avoid, and how to prioritize exercise are important. “Prescription for Life” contains a complete plan for you to follow. It is full of both inspiring and frightening statistics that can help shape your understanding of “need” and “know-how.” Knowledge is essential but can be void without decision and commitment.

2. Decision Is a Change of Mind
This is the tough one. Many want to have moments when they decide to do something about their health. Many New Year’s resolutions to lose weight are made in all sincerity. Some of these people read about what is causing their problems. Or even better, they learn what they can do to prevent the aging process from developing so fast. They decide to lose weight. They decide they are going to change their eating habits. They decide no more red meat, no more egg yolks, no more cheese or whole milk. They decide to cut out the butter and margarine. They decide to set up an exercise program and to maintain an ideal weight.

The problem is that a decision does not require action. A decision is simply a change of mind. Decision is an essential first step, but so many times, it stops there.

3. Commitment is a Change of Heart
One day it came to me. Immediate action is the most significant point required for success. All the knowledge in the world isn’t going to prevent your aging process unless you come to this realization. Even if you read “Prescription for Life” three times and learn all the medical aspects of aging, you won’t do anything about it without this insight. It is called commitment.

Proverbs 23:7 states that as a man “thinketh in his heart, so is he.” That is so true. Your “wants” have to go deeper than just in your mind. They have to reach your heart. Commitment requires a change of heart—it requires action. Decision involves the mind—commitment involves the heart.

If you’ve read my materials on my sight and in my book, you’ve learned that a significant aspect of aging is directly related to protecting your arteries. You have the three strategies that will become routine habits that control the aging process of your body. Don’t wait for a crisis. You have the basic knowledge, you have made the commitment, and now your success depends on your actions. Many decide. Few commit.





“Exerciser” photo courtesy of stockimages at www.freegigitalphotos.net