30 Minutes Could Save Your Life

exercise_headerAre you afraid of dying from cancer?  No one can escape from ever getting any type of cancer but the medical literature shows that approximately 1/3 of all cancer deaths can be avoided by developing the three lifestyles of 1) getting to an ideal weight, 2) eating properly, and 3) exercising.  I read in the Journal of the American Medical Association that women who lost 22 pounds after menopause reduced their risk of developing breast cancer by 45 percent.  It also stated that women who gained more than 55 pounds after the age 18 have a 45 percent increase risk of developing breast cancer as compared to women who maintained their weight. Also pointed out was that exercise reduced the risk of colon cancer by 20-30%

Other studies also show that exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer.  Women who exercise about 30 minutes, three or four times a week can decrease their breast cancer risk by about 25 percent.  It is exciting to find, that while developing the proper lifestyle to protect your arteries to stay younger — that exact same lifestyle helps in the prevention of some of our most common cancers.

Read Prescription For Life and learn more about how to not only protect your arteries, but also how to cut your risk of developing some of the most common cancers.


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