A False Sense of Security

padlockSo many times you actually believe you are doing great things to develop quality into your life. Yet, the pill you are taking or the special type food you are eating is having minimal effect on your health. You are made to believe you are shooting elephants but actually you are only killing gnats. The problem is: each item you take or do is actually minimally helpful but when weighed against medically sound studies of what you ought to be doing, the helpfulness is minute. The worst trick you can play on yourself is a false sense of security. A pill alone is far from the answer. I remember seeing a scale used to weigh medication to the exact milligram. There were two trays, one suspended on each side of the middle support. The pharmacist would place an exact metal weight on one tray and pour the powdered medication onto the opposite, until the needle moved exactly to the middle of the scale. Both sides were equal. Some of the things people do, thinking they are promoting good health, is similar to placing one ounce of truth on one side of the scale and a hundred pound bag of medical reality on the other. They equate the ounce of prevention they are doing, with the hundred pounds of medical significance, they are not doing. Their ounces consist of eating “lean” beef, “low fat” cheese, grass fed meat, daily multivitamins, and the list goes on. All of these choices may be “good” but they don’t equate with the lifestyle changes you ought to be working on. The choices are focusing on the ounces, when they should be, understanding the poundage of the real world of what is causing them to age. Prescription For Life explains the real weights for the scale.


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