An Ounce of Prevention….

weights_ounceMost of the time you go to a physician is because you are sick or have symptoms that need taking care of. You may have diabetes, or high blood pressure, or a heart attack. The doctor gives you medication or performs an operation to take care of your problem. It’s not only with medical illnesses but also with cancers. The majority of Americans do not focus on prevention but wait until symptoms occur before taking action. Most do not know that the majority of our symptoms are preventable. Not only are the cause of heart attacks and strokes mainly preventable, but certain cancers are also. Take breast cancer for an example. Breast cancer awareness seems to be prevalent enough today but you don’t hear much about what you can do to prevent it. Most women don’t realize that 38% of breast cancer is preventable by lifestyle changes. Things like losing 5-10 percent of their body weight can decrease their chance of breast cancer by 25-50 percent. Or that a study showed that even in women with a family history of breast cancer, 20 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise five days a week cut their risk of breast cancer by a fourth. The prevention aspect of the cause of the problem often gets overlooked or minimized. So many times a patient is placed on a certain medication, thinking that is all he or she has to do to stay healthy. The most important point I can tell you today is: “don’t wait on symptoms”. Read Prescription For Life and learn from the medical literature how to PREVENT many of the common problems that hurt our quality of living.


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