Are You Listening to Your Food?

282x273_hearing_fruitIf someone told you that you have over a fifty-fifty chance of dying from something you could prevent, would you take the necessary actions to prevent it happening? If you were standing in the middle of the road and an 18-wheel truck was coming down the hill toward you, would you get out of the way? Or – just stand there and let it run over you? Disease of your arteries is that truck that causes heart attacks and strokes that cause over half the deaths of all Americans. If food could talk, we could learn some lessons from around the world how to protect our arteries. I have traveled to villages in remote Africa and Papua New Guinea, where the most privative tribes on earth live. I have operated on some of them. My fingers have felt the vessels in the abdomens of 85 year olds who have the arteries of a ten year old. No plaques. Neither did they have heart attacks, or strokes. The reason lies in what they eat and their blood cholesterol. Their diet in Africa consisted mostly of different dishes made from corn – maze they called it. Meat – only on special occasions. As far as Papua New Guinea, about 95% of what they ate was some type of sweet potato. In studying these tribes, it was found their average total cholesterol was 150. Here in America, people with a cholesterol of 150 don’t have heart attacks. So, if you listen to what foods from around the world would tell us if they could talk, you would realize the need to get your blood cholesterol low. Prescription For Life will teach you exactly how to do it – without having to plant a single sweet potato.


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