Are You Listening??

listeningThere are two types of people. Which are you?  Type one will hear the statistics and do something about it and type two are those who hear the numbers and continue life on as usual.  Which type are you? Listen to these stats and see if they tell you to do something you are not presently doing to increase the quality of your life.  These numbers ought to wake you up.  The facts show that you have over a 50% chance of dying from disease in your arteries – a heart attack or stroke.  Look yourself in the mirror and repeat that number.  Unless you do something to protect your health, the odds are against you.  Another wake up call: 85% of everyone over the age of 50 have significant blockage in the arteries of their heart. Severe heart attacks resulting in a cardiac arrest, often happen with no warning. Now get this stat: only 7.6% of people who suffer a complete cardiac arrest, outside of a hospital setting, survive long enough to be discharged.  As for your age: one-half of individuals who die of sudden cardiac deaths are under the age of 65.  Just because you are not in your 80’s, don’t feel as if you don’t need to take care of your arteries. And a most significant statistic: people with high cholesterol counts have about twice the risk of heart disease, as individuals with lower levels.
Are you type one or type two?  Read Prescription For Life and begin working on the prevention of any further plaque build-up in your arteries, from this day forth.

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