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no_warningEighty-five percent of everyone over the age of fifty, have some significant blockage in the arteries of their heart, without experiencing any symptoms.  That is reported in the medical literature and is a scary statement.  They haven’t had the first pain in their chest.  They haven’t had any undue shortness of breath.  They haven’t experienced any pain shooting down their left arm.  That report is saying most individuals over fifty have significant blockages in their coronary arteries; yet, don’t even know it because there are no red lights that come on to warn them.  Two thirds of the time, the first symptom of blockage of arteries in your heart, is a heart attack. There are no bells or whistles before it happens, just one day you are going along routinely, and have a heart attack. When does this blockage begin?  By the age of twelve, 70% of children have some fatty deposits in their arteries. Do you know the most prescribed medicine in the world?  It is the drug that has statin in it.  Do you know what a statin does?  It cuts down on the LDL cholesterol particles traveling around you blood.  That says a lot, don’t you think? Do you know why it is medically important to get your LDL cholesterol down.?  Because it decreases your chance of having a heart attack.  But there are three lifestyle habits you can develop which will cut your LDL cholesterol down without ever having to take a pill.  Learn all three of them by reading and studying Prescription For Life.   Read it especially if you are one of the 85 percent people over the age of 50.


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