Breaking the Habit, Once and for All

282x273_broke_cookieAbout 90 percent of all we do, we do out of habit.  That goes also for the foods you eat on a daily basis.  We need to learn what “bad” foods to exchange for specific “good “ foods.  Learn the healthy diet and develop the habit of eating it on a daily basis.  Before long, it will come naturally.  The diet platform begins with an emphasis on vegetables and fruits.  You are encouraged to aim for a combination of five fruits and vegetables per day.  You get most of these with your breakfast, as well as fruits and nuts for snack time.  In addition to vegetables, you are also encouraged to think whole grains. Think of whole-grain cereal in the morning, whole grain breads for sandwiches, whole-grain pasta for an evening meal, or rice with sautéed vegetables or fish chunks on top.  Chose olive oil or canola oil in your cooking.  Get away from oils derived from animal fat because they are high in saturated fat or trans-fats that are partially hydrogenated.  Even though olive oil is a fat and does contain nine calories per gram, it contains a lot of monounsaturated fat.  This is one of your good three fats which helps limit LDL cholesterol and also raises your HDL cholesterol.  If you have a desire for meat, go with fish first and then grilled chicken.  Those two will take the place of red meat from now on. Now that’s not extreme is it?  Remember, a healthy diet protects your arteries.  Recently published in the Annals of Neurology, a study conducted exams on seven hundred people who were sixty-five or older.  Those who adhered more closely to a diet consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, pasta, olive oil and fish, were up to thirty-six percent less likely to have damage to their brains as a result of small strokes.  Prescription For Life plan is about the quality of your life from now until you die.  It is about being able to be multiple times more active beginning right now, and continuing on.  It is about a friend of mine who is 86 and can beat 60 year olds in tennis.  It is about being physiologically more active as you grow chronologically older.

Build your momentum and watch “Hope” go to “Confidence.”

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