The Number One Cause of Aging

Cause-of-aging“I don’t want to get old.”  With that statement, a patient informed me he was ready to do whatever necessary to enable becoming physiologically younger than he was at that moment. If you want to protect yourself from the aging process, the most significant factor you can realize is to avoid eating foods that cause damage to the walls of your arteries. Associate the word: aging, with the health of your arteries.

Even for a surgeon who has operated on heart arteries and arteries to the brain, my eyes weren’t opened to the problem until I read a report in a medical article that: over half of all Americans will die as a result of problems of the arteries in their heart or brain.  That is more than will die from cancer.  The article concluded an even more astonishing bit of knowledge: almost all of those deaths are preventable.

More articles from the medical literature explain that if you had to point to one common denominator as the most significant importance in the cause of aging, it would be the damage caused by certain foods that result in blockage and inflammation of the walls of your arteries.  Anyone serious in developing a complete lifestyle to get as young as possible, needs to learn the details of protecting your arteries.  This is the secret that make some individuals who are in their seventies, look and act as if they were fifty-five.

There is a particular cholesterol compound called Low Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol, or LDL Cholesterol, that gets into the walls of your arteries and sets up an inflammatory battle-ground, which either causes a clot in the artery, or heals as a plaque, resulting in blockage of that artery.  The wrath of chronological aging is all about your arteries.

It is the health of our arteries that cause one to go before your time.  The prevention of damaging your arteries is the keystone in preventing the aging process from robbing you from an active, productive life.  The condition of your arteries determines how well the body is supplied with all it needs to function at one hundred percent perfection.  As those arteries become damaged and the walls begin to fill up with factors that eventually cause a blockage, the blood flow is either completely stopped or markedly decreased.  The resulting effect is that the downstream area — whether an organ or muscle or brain tissue, receives less than optimum amount of material to enhance it to respond in a normal fashion.

I am a physician.  I have treated many patients who have not taken care of their bodies.  I promise you, each patient who gets into a life threatening situation, would clean out their entire bank account to pay every cent, if doing so would allow them to set their body clock back and erase whatever was causing their problem.  They can’t go back in time, but you can control your body clock from this moment on.  So go ahead and pay the price now, while you can.  It’s cheap and you will not have to face what so many of my patients have had to face: that day they realize they should have been living a lifestyle of what they eat, and the amount of exercise they do, and a tight reign on their weight.  Now is the time to take control.  It’s called prevention.  It is the one thing that will impact you for the rest of your life.

You are only as young as your arteries.  Think that over a minute.  If your arteries begin to age, you age; but if you keep your arteries young, physiologically you will stop the clock on your arteries and actually turn your physiological age back quite a few years.  Prevention of the disease of your arteries is synonymous with the prevention of aging.

Now is the time to decide to develop a lifestyle that will protect your arteries, will prolong your life, and most of all; will add quality to the remaining years of your life. Now is the time to decide you are gong to live younger longer.

Decide now that you “don’t want to get old”. The Prescription for Life – Lifestyle Plan will give you directions concerning the care of your most prized possession – your health.




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