Colon Cancer: What Can You Do?

ID-10020530The benefits of healthy eating and exercise go beyond protecting the heart and preventing strokes and dementia. It is important to realize that after heart disease, cancer is the next most common killer. And colon cancer ranks high on the list of potential cancer risk.

While concern for your colon may not be high on your list of pleasant conversations, it bears serious discussion. Colon cancer ranks number three (after prostrate and lung cancer) among men and women (after breast and lung cancer). Yet, it is shown in the medical literature that up to 45 percent of bowel cancer cases are preventable with the three proper healthy lifestyles as depicted in “Prescription for Life.”

The American Institute for Cancer Research reviewed twenty studies concerning the relationship of colon cancer and exercise.  Seventeen of those studies found that exercise protects against colon cancer.  Their conclusion was stated as follows:  “the evidence that physical activity protects against colon cancer is convincing.”  Other reports show that physical activity is associated with a 20% to 30% reduction in the risk of colon cancer.

What we eat and drink also plays a role. The World Cancer Research Fund reported that red meat is a convincing cause of colon cancer.  Concerning the drinking of alcohol, the American Institute for Cancer Research looked at a pooled analysis of more than 475,000 participants who were followed for six to sixteen years, and reported a forty-one percent increased risk for colon cancer in the groups that drank the most alcohol.

And last of all we come to the lifestyle of getting to an ideal weight.  The American Institute for Cancer Research reported there is” convincing evidence” that being overweight is a cause of colon cancer.  All of this is also aided by a high fiber diet.  What is encouraging is that so many healthy attributes are covered in “Prescription for Life” to keep us healthy, active, and cancer free.





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