Couch Potato to Heart Smart in 10 Weeks

Get Fit Button photo by Stuart MilesThe quality of your life is so much more significant than the length of your life.  All of us have seen individuals who are “alive”, per-se, but the quality of their lives is not optimal, and many are even terrible.  They sit on the couch and do whatever; but they just sit. One of the best combatants for healthy years is to develop a lifestyle that includes exercise. Unless you develop an exercise program, you chances of getting to an ideal weight and eating properly are very, very slim.

Dedication to exercise makes your mind realize you are serious about keeping at an ideal weight; that you are serious about what you are going to eat and what you are not going to eat.  It’s a great reinforcement factor.

The medical literature gives conclusive evidence that the more one is physically active, the less body weight.  Physically active people weigh less than ones not active.

The Framingham Heart Study shows that something as simple as brisk walking for thirty minutes daily can increase your life expectancy by years.  Brisk walking isn’t very much exercising as compared to a marathon runner.  But there is more to it than the simple exercise of walking briskly.  Such individuals also set as their goal to eat the right foods and to work toward an ideal weight.

Exercise not only lengthens your life expectancy but also improves your cholesterol numbers.  It increases the amount of blood your heart pumps with each beat.  It lowers your blood pressure.

There is a simple format to follow whether you are a couch potato or can run three miles in eight minutes.  For the sedentary person, get off that couch and begin walking for thirty minutes.

Gradually increase your pace until you can walk briskly for a thirty-minute period, then begin the program.

The plan takes thirty minutes a day, six days a week.

Your jog pace is up to you and your ability.

If you are already jogging, simply fit your jogging time into this plan and progress from there.




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