Did Your Doctor Tell You….

proper-diet-282x273Almost half of everybody over the age of 45 is on a medication to lower their cholesterol. This says a lot about the most significant health problem we have in America. It is shown statistically that such medication helps prevent heart attacks and strokes because it lowers the “lethal” LDL cholesterol in your blood. So, it is an accepted medical fact that it is medically important to keep your LDL cholesterol low. All such medications have possible side effects. I have a friend who was on a cholesterol lowering medication and his leg muscles and joints caused him so much difficulty that it took both hands on the side hand rail when he climbed a flight of stairs. His doctor took him off the medication and within two months, he was able to get back on the elliptical machine to perform his exercise. The one question I asked him was: “did your physician instruct you to develop a diet that would lower your LDL cholesterol, and to lose that extra 25 pounds you are carrying around, and to set up an exercise plan – before starting the medicine?” I remember his blank stare as he remarked: “I remember a folded informative paper with it, but certainly didn’t read it because it looked too medical for me to understand.” I explained that the instruction sheet for cholesterol lowering medicines begins with a statement explaining such medicine is indicated — if — eating properly, obtaining the proper weight, and exercising were not successful in getting the cholesterol to a normal range. If you are on such a medication, or know a friend who is, read Prescription For Life and learn how to avoid such medicine or at least how to be able to take a lower dose in order to lower your chances of side effects.


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