Do you want to prevent something happening to you?

282x273_snakeAre you where you want to be from a health standpoint? Would you like to turn your physiological clock back 7-12 years. Would you like to be at your ideal weight and sustain it for the rest of your life? Do you want to prevent something happening to you that will kill over half of Americans – a heart attack or stroke? Or are you satisfied with the path you are presently on? I see it everywhere. With the young, the old, the rich, the poor. And I have to ask myself, why? Why are they so complacent? So unworried? I see what they are eating. I see how they are moving around, and how they look. I see their weight. The picture I perceive is like a snake, that makes no noise until it strikes. Such people will remain complacent until a symptom occurs. And then, they just accept it as the natural process of aging. I want to say something to help them. I want to point some answers that will make a difference. And I know their problem. They do not have the commitment to do what is necessary to defeat the enemy of aging. They’ve made the decision to do something numerous times before, but don’t add the commitment. They do some “ounce” prevention, like multivitamins, or take an aspirin every day. (Some even brag about eating free-range beef). Many want to be healthier. Many decide to but don’t understand that a decision is only a change of mind. Decision requires no action. Commitment is a change of heart. Knowledge is essential, but can be void without commitment. Read Prescription For Life and acquire the knowledge and then commit to work on the three lifestyles that will determine the quality of your life. Learn the foods to avoid, get to an ideal weight and start a daily exercise routine. Take control of where you want to be from a health standpoint.