Q&A: Don’t I need to eat a lot of meat to get the protein I need?

SteakQuestion: You suggest cutting out many meats and saturated fats? But, don’t we need a lot of protein to build muscles, and fats to balance blood sugar spikes and feel full and satisfied?

Answer:  Good question. Our bodies do need protein and some fats. Protein and certain fats are essential nutrients for the body, used in the architecture of muscles, organs, and skin. The Prescription for Life plan promotes that you get the protein and fats you need through nuts, fish, and chicken. With these food types there is no problem in the least with the amount of protein we get.  Even a person on a vegetarian diet gets protein and essential fatty acids through plant foods.

As far as blood sugar spikes, these are controlled by insulin and don’t really depend on protein and saturated fats. Your body balances your blood sugar through the pancreas. Diabetes is the condition in which your body is not able to produce enough insulin to control the spikes. With Prescription for Life eating plan, you won’t have the spikes because it focuses on fruits and vegetables, which do not contribute the glucose load that come from a high glucose (or a high sugar) diet.

The question about feeling full and satisfied is one that the Prescription for Life eating plan answers too. The two foods that give you the most “full” feeling with the least number of calories are fruits and vegetables. See my recent article, Fiber is Your Friend. Even the Weight Watchers program doesn’t count vegetables as points any more. They say the more you eat the better, because it makes you feel so full.



“Steak” photo courtesy of kek064www.freedigitalphotos.net