E.D. Could Warn of Future Heart Attack

ID-10031576In “Prescription for Life,” I explain how blockage in the arteries leads to death by heart attacks and strokes in 50% of Americans. This blockage is caused primarily by small LDL cholesterol “splinters” that get into the walls of arteries throughout the body. Men need to realize that these “splinters” do not pick and choose which arteries they are going to inflame. The same process that is going on in one’s heart or brain arteries is at work in the penile artery too. The non-medical reports you hear on television make most believe that erectile dysfunction is causedby low testosterone. But the most common cause of erectile dysfunction is the partial blockage of the penile artery, with only 20% of the problem being caused by low testosterone. This should be a warning and wake-up call to men with erectile dysfunction. The problem of the blockage of the artery can be prevented.  The Massachusetts Male Aging Study reported that an estimated 52% percent of men between 40-70 years of age, have erectile dysfunction.  Up to a third of men who have erectile dysfunction already have significant partial blockage in the arteries in their heart. Medical reports show that someone with erectile dysfunction is almost twice as likely to die from a heart attack, than someone without the problem. The Journal of Urology points out that men who initiated physical activity in mid life had a 70% reduced risk for developing erectile dysfunction versus men who are sedentary. Further reports from the medical literature show that there is about a third greater risk of the dysfunction in men who eat the wrong foods and are overweight. The good news is that it is possible to reverse it.  As reported in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, study of men with erectile dysfunction showed that within two years of lifestyle change consisting of exercise, eating proper foods, and weight loss – about one-third fully regained their sexual function. The ultimate message you should take away concerning erectile dysfunction is: if you have known heart risk factors, such as smoking, obesity with a sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, elevated cholesterol numbers, or elevated blood pressure, you should be alarmed. See your physician for a cardiac workup and adopt a lifestyle change to the “Prescription for Life” plan.







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