Fiber is Your Friend

ID-100151258Recently published in the Annals of Neurology, a study conducted exams on seven hundred people who were 65 or older. Those who adhered more closely to a diet consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables, whole-grain bread, pasta, olive oil, and fish were up to 36% less likely to have damage to their brains as a result of small strokes. That’s good news for those following the Prescription for Life plan.

With the Prescription for Life plan you are encouraged to aim for a combination of five fruits and vegetables per day. You can get most of the fruits with your breakfast, as well as fruits and nuts for snack time. In addition to fruits and vegetables, you are also encouraged to think whole grains, such as whole-grain cereal in the morning, whole-grain breads for sandwiches, whole grain pasta for an evening meal, or rice with sautéed vegetables or fish or chicken on top.

The reason for encouraging so many plant food sources is because fiber is your friend. A diet high in fiber will help you lose or maintain your ideal weight. Fiber makes you feel full on fewer calories. Fruits and vegetables contain the least number of calories for a given portion size.

Fiber is also one of the best foods you can eat for a good intestinal tract. The British Medical Journal reported that compared with individuals who ate less than 14g of fiber, those who eat more than 25g of fiber a day have a 41% reduced risk of being hospitalized or dying of diverticulitis, a common inflammation of the digestive system in those over 40.

In addition, the National Cancer Institute reviewed over three hundred studies that all showed similar statistics—fruits and vegetables are two of the best protectors against cancers, including two of the most common: colon and breast.

So, start your days off with a high fiber cereal as your mainstay or breakfast. Add fruits to your cereal—bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. Remember throughout your day that fiber is your friend and seek out snacks and meals featuring plant-based bounty.





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