Grilled Rather Than Fried

Skewered VegetablesNothing fried.  Is that possible?  That won’t be a 100% rule but you should come close to it.  Once you realize what is causing your aging process, it will become easier to eat grilled foods rather than fried. Put fried foods on a scale and weigh the outcome of what will happen to the arteries in your heart and brain if you continue consuming them as you now do.  Just think of all the fried foods you eat. French fries, fried fish, fried chicken, and the list goes on and on.  Down south, they even eat fried green tomatoes.  Begin thinking grilled rather than fried.  Whether cooking at home or placing your order at a restaurant, begin developing your lifestyle of choosing grilled rather than fried foods.  It will become an easy rule to follow.  You look at a menu and when you see the word “fried,” you look further.  If cooking foods at home, use oils that are high in the good fat.  The “good three” fats are the ones high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.  They are found in the canola oils and olive oils.  Some restaurants use such oils in frying foods but the majority use oils that are high in saturated fats.  Not only is fried food usually fried in oils from animal fat, but fried foods should be avoided because frying a food adds about a third more calories than grilling the same food.  Grilling cuts down on calories as well as the saturated fats. Prescription For Life will impress on your mind what the medical literature has to say about what foods to eat and which to avoid.  Learn them both and get as young physiologically as you can.  Enjoy your life.

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