Guarding your Heart

heart-in-hnadI remember being told that first day in medical school in anatomy class: “the heart is the most important organ in your body”.  I will never forget getting to actually hold a human heart in my hands.  What was explained to us that day is the basis of the aging process.  How you treat those arteries in your heart determines how efficient a pump your heart remains year after year.  You are frequently informed that someone you know has had a heart attack.  They say, “I had a heart attack but it wasn’t all that bad.  All that had to be done was a stint being placed in the blocked artery.”  They are doing fine now and back to their usual.  What you aren’t informed is that what happened could have been prevented.  And even the one who had the attack doesn’t comprehend that unless he or she does something to change their three lifestyles – eating, exercising, and weight control – the process is going to continue on and on.  It is just a matter of time before another artery in their heart is going to become blocked.  Or even worse, the same process that is going on in the arteries of their heart is going on in the arteries of their brain and the next problem could be a stroke.  I think a stroke is even worse than a heart attack.  You have a heart attack and you either pass on into eternity or you survive and return to fairly normal living – for a time.  However, when you have a stroke, you either pass on or recover — or become an individual who can’t speak properly, or walk appropriately, or have a limb you can’t move, or become a complete invalid which at times may be worse than dying.  I think back to medical school.  That professor was right.  You want to protect your heart so it can pump oxygen rich blood throughout your body for as long as you are alive.  You want it to pump full force to your brain until that last day.  Read Prescription For Life and acquire the knowledge of how to protect your arteries.