Q&A: How is your book different from other diet books?

ID-10035340Question: How is “Prescription for Life” different from all the other multitude of books written on weight loss and a healthy lifestyle?

“Prescription for Life” is different from others in that it is based on scientific proof of articles published in medical journals. It is basically written on a review of the medical literature written in layman’s terms that anyone can understand.  It is medically sound and has medical literature to back it up rather than unproven claims.  I believe that change begins with understanding the “why.”

So many books and articles focus on minor statements that may have some truth in them making you believe that if you take a certain supplement, or eat a certain food, you are protecting yourself from harming your health. Yet, what is written about most fad diets and supplements concerns statements that have not gone through scientific proof. And many time fad diets, supplements, or stop-gap efforts have a wrong focus and ignore your overall health.

The scientific proof of any medical subject is verified by what is called a double blind study.  This is where subjects are divided into two groups where one group performs within a certain criteria, and the other group does not fit the same standards.  The two groups are then studied and compared to see if there is benefit in one group over the other.

A good example of this is a study at Brown University where two groups of over weight women were studied.  One group dieted only, and the other group dieted plus exercised.  It was found that the group that both dieted and exercised lost almost twice as much weight as the group, which dieted only.  Such comparative proof validates the idea that if you want to lose more weight, then you should add exercise to your diet plan.  Such examples are medically sound and have the credibility of being published in the medical literature to make the comparison.

“Prescription for Life” is different reading because it is not formed on opinions, but on scientific truths. It is the result of hundreds of hours of research, over 150 sources, as well as my own personal experience as a vascular surgeon. That is also why my newsletters and posts are full of medical reports. I find the science of health exciting, and I have personally experienced the benefits of pursing a healthier path.

Dr. David Jeremiah, a friend and patient, placed the “Prescription for Life” principles into his life years ago based on my recommendations. He graciously stated in the forward of the book that I “managed to take what is threatening and make it thrilling.” I hope that you will find it so as well and will be energized about the possibility of a living a longer, healthier life.








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