How to Reduce The Odds of Developing Alzheimer’s?

Did You Know Medical Literature has Studies Showing Steps You Can Take to Reduce The Odds of Developing Alzheimer’s?

The book, Defeating Dementia, is a review of the medical literature concerning steps that can be taken to reduce the odds of developing Alzheimer’s. It is medically related but is written in layman’s terms that is easily understood by the non-medical. It tells details that everyone ought to know about three lifestyle changes which help in preventing Alzheimer’s. There is no other book like it. Most books on Alzheimer’s take you through the life changes of someone with the disease. Defeating Dementia tells of the daily routine of a lady who is slowly progressing through the advances of Alzheimer’s as it affects her brain day by day. What makes it different is that it also explains what is going on from a medical standpoint, what is happening inside her brain as each of the progressions happens.

But the most exciting part of the book is discussing what the medical articles state concerning steps one can take to decrease the odds of developing the disease process. There are three lifestyles that affect the factors that are a risk for the development of Alzheimer’s. Each of these lifestyles are intertwined one with the other. If you are going to fight the good fight, you must commit to changing all three of these lifestyles. You will soon realize that once you begin with one of them, the other two will become easier to control.

The three include the foods you should eat as well as the ones you should not be eating. There are numbers on the individuals who don’t exercise versus the ones who do. And the third concerns your weight. Just remember, there is no medication that will prevent or cure Alzheimer’s. It is not medication, it’s lifestyle. The numbers will astonish you, hopefully to the point that you will make changes in your life that will insure a quality of years from now to the end.

Defeating Dementia teaches you about Alzheimer’s like you have never learned before.