I Don’t Think I Could Ever Give It Up

ID-100206122“Cheese is my favorite food.  I can’t give that up.”  Of all the responses to the statement concerning the six foods you should never eat, this one about cheese is absolutely the most frequent of all.  At one time, cheese was one of my most favorite foods.  My patients knew how much I liked it and brought me all types of cheese as Christmas gifts.  Then I read a journal article explaining that cheese is the most often eaten food in America that has the most saturated fat of any food.  The more I read, the more I understood what was going on within my body with every bite of cheese I took.  I read that the saturated fat found in cheese would cause and increase in the “lethal” LDL cholesterol particles floating around in my blood.  It also explained that those small particles could get through the lining of the arteries especially in my heart and brain.  Once through the lining there would be an influx of fluid filled with special cells that would attack the LDL cholesterol particles.  There would be swelling of the wall of the artery.  The area would become a micro battlefield.  Sometimes even with bleeding.  One of two things would happen.  There could be so much swelling and inflammation, the wall would rupture and the battlefield material would extrude into the lumen of the artery and an immediate clot would form – a sudden heart attack or stroke.  Or, the battle cells would surround the LDL cholesterol particle and wall it off in scar tissue.  This would end up as plaque formation that could eventually block off the artery.  At the end of the article, I closed the medical journal and made the decision to quit eating cheese.  I hope you have just made the same decision.  Prescription For Life will teach you about what certain foods do to your arteries.  I guarantee you, the more you learn about what is going on in your body, it will become easier and easier to have no desire at all for such foods.  You may even proclaim: “Cheese was my favorite food.  I didn’t think I could ever give it up.  But I did.”


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