If I Had Only Known….

questionsI have had patients tell me: “if I had only known”. If they had only known what caused them to have a heart attack, they would have lived differently. If they had only known the real danger of smoking, they would not have developed lung cancer. Well, let me ask you a personal question. If you knew some secrets how to lose weight, how to get younger physiologically than you are right now, how you could be as active as you were 7 to 12 years ago, would you do them? I keep asking myself why there are some people who will jump on the band wagon and do everything they can to develop a quality life. And others ignore the facts. You either will or you won’t, once you know or you don’t. I came to the realization that a big part of why some friends and patients do not take proper care of their bodies is simply because they do not fully understand what is going on inside. They have a difficult time correlating how that one specific bite of food is affecting the arteries in different parts of their bodies. They don’t grasp the significance of being twenty pounds over weight or two hundred pounds overweight. They don’t know the importance of exercise in their overall living style. They seem to accept their aging process, but do not understand that they have a huge control of that aging. Basically, many people just don’t know. And that is why the Prescription For Life plan was conceived. I want to save lives. I want to be able to help you remain healthy and live younger than you are today. I want you to heed the warning by understanding what affects your body. I don’t ever want to see someone I know lying in a hospital bed with something they could have prevented. Read Prescription For Life and never, ever have to say: “if only I had known”.


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