Learning the Facts

frre-range-282x273_inset_image“But I only eat free range beef and all organic foods.”  That was her response to eating healthy.  “I buy all my food at the organic food store.  All of it.”  You may think you are doing everything possible to keep your body running at peak performance.  You may be eating free range meat and everything organic, and believe you are doing something significant to keep your body running properly.  You may take vitamins, or all kinds of supplements.  You may take an aspirin a day because you heard it may prevent you from having a heart attack. You may be doing all you know to do, but just not know form a medical standpoint what is harming you by what you eat.  Begin thinking vegetables and fruits, whole grain cereals, nuts, peas, whole grain pasta, and fish.  Begin using Canola oil or olive oil in your cooking.  No matter what grocery store you do your shopping, learn the proper foods to eat by reading Prescription for life and start spending ten seconds per item to look at the Nutrition Facts box and pick the ones without the saturated fats. These are the ones that cause the aging process to proceed within your body.  Learn them.  Avoid them.

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