The Key to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

ID-100189819Keeping excess weight off for good, and developing a lifestyle of eating the proper foods to protect your arteries are the primary goals for a healthy weight loss plan.  You are talking of a lifestyle change that will continue the remainder of your life.  We are not contemplating how to drop pounds the quickest, but how to develop a life style of eating which results in reaching your ideal weight by eating habits you can keep for the rest of your life.

The main thrust of losing weight the healthy way is to avoid foods that will have a derogatory effect on your arteries.  The key to healthy living is determined by how well you take care of your arteries.  With proper care, you can be sixty-five years old chronologically, yet live the life of a fifty year old, physiologically.  The number one enemy of your arteries is LDL Cholesterol in your blood stream.  You want to avoid foods that contribute to the elevation of the Lethal LDL Cholesterol, which is the primary cause of the aging process.

Most diets to lose weights have you eating different foods than the foods you will eat once you have reached your goal weight.  With such diets, the great majority of the time, you will regain your weight within the next twelve months because you will revert to your old eating habits.  The key to a medically healthy weight loss is to develop the lifestyle of eating the foods that are protective and avoiding the foods that lead to the aging process.

The Prescription For Life Lifestyle Plan emphasizes fruits, vegetables, grains; in addition to fish or chicken. These are the foods lowest in saturated fat, trans fat, and dietary cholesterol.   The plan also encourages you against eating fried foods, red meat, egg yolk, cream base foods, as well as foods utilizing butter.  These are the food types, which have the greatest negative effect on your cholesterol studies. Eating these causes an elevation in your lethal LDL Cholesterol.  There is a fallacy of dieting just to lose weight while at the same time eating foods that will age your arteries.  You want to do both; to lose your weight and at the same time to be protecting your arteries.  Keep foremost in your mind: avoid foods that are going to age you.

The very best weight loss diet is one that is actively developing proper long term eating habits, while you are losing weight.  So that, when you reach your goal weight, you will already be eating the proper foods that keep your arteries young throughout your body.  There will be no yo-yo effect in regaining weight, because you will be able to remain at your ideal weight due to the eating habits you have already developed.  I want your eating pattern so engrained in your mind that once your goal weight is reached, you will continue eating the same foods as you did when you were losing weight except you won’t have to be as disciplined on yourself.  You can become more lenient on portions, as well as designated snacks, if you so desire.

You will develop a lifestyle habit of eating more fruit and vegetables at meal-time, although it won’t be a completely vegetarian diet.  These two basic foods will fill your stomach, but with fewer calories.  For any meat portion of a meal, use fish or chicken.  The portions; however, will be less than you are now accustomed to eating. Fish and chicken will become more of condiments, rather than the main food item of the meal.   The lifestyle foods you learned to eat to lose your weight will be permanent.  You will keep at your ideal weight to within two pounds because of the permanent lifestyle foods you have learned to eat.

Not only will there will be a shift in your desires for certain tastes and foods; there will also be a smooth transition from the weight loss portion of the diet program to the one you will continue as you sustain your permanent weight loss. The weight loss program you want to develop centers around protecting your arteries and developing a better quality of life up to the very end.  Never forget, the whole weight loss process is a complete failure if you regain weight permanently.

The Prescription For Life – Lifestyle Plan is geared to teach you how to sustain your ideal weight to within one pound of either side of your goal weight.  At any point that your weight increases a single pound, you will immediately resume the weight loss portion of the plan until you are back to your goal weight.  Very seldom will that exceed one day to return to your ideal weight.

We are not talking loosing weight and regaining it.

We are not talking any temporary fix.

We are talking about the rest of your life.

Yes, you can do it!


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