Q&A: “Everything in moderation” is a good guide for a healthy diet, right?

ID-100102369.bjpgQuestion: Dr. Furman, there are certain foods that I feel I can’t give up for good.  May I stick to the program during the week, but eat some of my favorites on the weekend if I keep it “in moderation”?

The saddest medical statistic that I know, is that only 12% of people who diet and lose weight are able to maintain their weight loss. It has been shown that the vast majority of such dieters revert to their old lifestyle of eating which results in regaining their weight and continuing to damage their arteries. The problem of intermittently eating the foods you now enjoy is that the desire for such foods will persist.

Beware of the diets that say you can still eat some “bad” if you do so “in moderation.” So many diets encourage you to eat foods containing saturated fat, trans fat, and dietary cholesterol in moderation. They encourage you to eat cheese in moderation or to use low-fat cheese. This sets you up to continue having the desire for such foods.

It is essential that you alleviate the desire for the harmful foods that destroy your arteries and cause over 50% of deaths in America. You must know the harmful foods to avoid and the healthy foods to eat and you must know how to develop a lifestyle of eating that will eliminate that desire for the dangerous foods.  “Prescription for Life” will reveal to you how to make a lifestyle change that replaces those harmful foods with healthy satisfying choices  – even on the weekend!


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