Money Can’t Buy Me … Extra Life

money_money_inset_imageMoney can’t buy extra years for your life. The Bible states that a man’s money can’t keep him from the grave.  All must die someday.  But if you know a statistic from the medical literature, it is possible to buy additional years to your life expectancy.  The following is a report from the Journal of the American Medical Association.  It was a study on the life expectancy of younger men who had a favorable Total Cholesterol level, compared to men of the same age, who had unfavorable Total Cholesterol level.  There is no need to go into the specifics of all they studied, but I want you to get the general message of the conclusions they found. This realization should astound you. The men who had the favorable, lower level of Total Cholesterol had a life expectancy of 3.8 to 8.7 years longer than the ones with the unfavorable, higher level of Total Cholesterol.  There was a continuous, proportional relationship between the amount of Total Cholesterol and the life expectancy difference. If you looked at those numbers only, the figures alone give you a huge insight of the importance of controlling what you are doing to your body. High Total Cholesterol spells danger for you. Remember that the total cholesterol consists mostly of the “lethal” LDL cholesterol which you can control.  The next time you order a steak with a creamy cheese sauce, with butter on your baked potato and fried green tomatoes as your vegetable, just realize how expensive such meals are costing.  8.7 years is a lot to pay just because you didn’t know what you were actually buying.  Read and study Prescription For Life and find out all of the six foods you should never eat again.

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