Do You Know America’s Most Dangerous Food?

CoverMouthPhotoDo you know America’s most dangerous food? Here’s a hint: you most likely eat it every day! The food I am talking about contains the highest amount of saturated fat and represents the greatest amount of animal fat consumed in America. The answer is: CHEESE. Cheese adds more saturated fat to your diet than any other food you eat, and is one of the most dangerous foods you consume. Chicken contains less saturated fat than red meat. But even comparing cheese with chicken, we find that cheese contains close to ten times as much saturated fat as chicken breast. Remember, saturated fat is the leading cause of elevation of the LDL Cholesterol in your blood.

 Cholesterol is the most lethal component in your blood, and acts like tiny splinters that lodge into the walls of your arteries. This action sets up an inflammatory battleground, which either causes a clot in the artery or heals as a partial blockage of the artery. This reaction is the direct cause of aging, is the direct cause of disease in the arteries of your heart. It is the process that causes heart attacks and strokes. LDL Cholesterol is the number one factor you must learn to avoid in your eating lifestyle if you are going to prevent the aging process in your bodies. Lethal LDL Cholesterol. That’s what you are eating when you eat cheese.

Cheese is one of the most difficult foods to quit consuming. It is found in multiple foods you commonly eat. It is routinely added to sandwiches, omelets, crackers, salads, soups, and dips. Cheese is an addiction food. Substituting light cheese and “low fat” cheeses does not take away the desire for the taste. It takes approximately two months of complete avoidance, for the desire to be gone. Begin thinking of cheese as a food you used to eat. Think of it as a has-been. Pardon my frankness, but look at it as a suicide pill. After all, it is America’s most dangerous food. 

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