Passing the Test

supplementThere are three lifestyles that determine your physiological age.  The medical literature is an excellent basis to turn to in finding out what to do to be able to control each lifestyle in order to live younger longer.  I ate dinner with a couple last night and the wife was telling me about some herb that had made her bad cholesterol go down and her good cholesterol go up.  She went on and on about how good it was for her.  Her husband sat quietly by until she finished and then said that it may have worked for her but it didn’t for him.  He had been placed on a statin drug to lower his bad LDL cholesterol.  Her response was classical.  “You didn’t take enough of my supplement or it would have worked for you” was her response.  That is why the medical literature is such a good place to turn in finding out what really works and what doesn’t.  It is based on the double blind study to prove the numbers.  In this particular case, as I explained to the husband and wife in order for them to not get into a fuss over whether the herbal pill worked or not, you would take 2000 people and give a thousand of them the real pill and the other thousand a pill that looked identical.  Neither group would know whether they had the real herb or not.  Then, after a period of time blood would be drawn to see if the cholesterol had changed in one group over the other.  That is called a double-blind study.  There is no guess work. The pill either works or it doesn’t.  Supplements do not go through such a test to see if it works or hurts.  Read Prescription For Life to learn what the medical literature has to say concerning the importance of 1) losing weight, 2) what is the best exercise routine, and 3) which foods to eat or avoid.  Learn how these three lifestyles intertwine to make your physiological age younger.