Prescription for Heart Attack Prevention

heart_preventionHave you had a heart attack or know someone who has? There are some numbers you should know to remind yourself or to tell your friend. So many people say they had a heart attack but it was just a “light one”, they say. “All the doctors had to do was just place a stint.” And they go on their way. They continue living the same lifestyles they always have. Most are at least a little overweight. Many are couch potatoes watching television most of the evening. And very few of them know which foods to avoid. And hardly any of them know the medical literature numbers. For instance, a report from the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force of Practice Guidelines stated that after having a first heart attack at age 40 or older, 23% of women and 18% of men die within one year, and that those death rates jump up to 43% of women and 33% of men within five years of that initial heart attack. There are not only things you can do to prevent a second heart attack but there are definite lifestyles you can develop to prevent even the first one from happening. 1) Vegetables, fruits, whole grain fiber, peas, nuts, pasta, fish, olive oil, canola oil are good foods to start with. 2/3 of Americans are over weight or obese. 2) Getting to an ideal weight is a huge step in protecting your heart. 3) Exercise is extremely important, not only in getting your “hero” HDL cholesterol up, but it sends a strong signal to your mind that you are committed in developing quality years for the remainder of your life. Prescription For Life will train you how to do it. Read it. Study it.

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