How to Stop the #1 Killer in 2015

ID-10050547Having a heart attack is the number one killer in America. Eighty-five percent of everyone over the age of fifty has some significant blockage in the arteries of their heart, without experiencing any symptoms. Only 7.6% of people who suffer a complete cardiac arrest, outside of a hospital setting, survive long enough to be discharged.

Don’t feel complacent just because you are not yet “old”. One-half of individuals who die of sudden cardiac deaths are under the age of 65.

Don’t wait on symptoms before deciding to do something smart.  Your goal should be the prevention of any further plaque build-up in your arteries, from this day forth.  Halt the process in its tracks now.  Prevent your arteries from becoming any older than they are today, and keep them there.

Three lifestyle changes — your diet, exercise, and getting to an ideal weight, will insure that you won’t be the one out of two, who dies of a heart attack or stroke.

1. Diet:
The medical literature includes many reports showing the benefits of a diet low in saturated fat, trans fat and dietary cholesterol. A diet consisting of mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fish has been proven not only to reduce incidents of heart disease, but also cancer as well.

The Archives of Internal Medicine reported a study of over 500,000 people.  They were divided into two groups, one who ate red meat and the other didn’t. They found that over a ten year period, men who ate the equivalent of a quarter-pound hamburger a day, had a 27% higher risk of dying of heart disease, than those men whose diet did not contain such red meat.  Women who ate large amounts of red meat had a 50% higher risk of dying of heart disease.

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2. Exercise:
A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine gives good insight concerning the relationship of exercise intensity and your cholesterol. They found that the greater the exercise, the greater the effect on raising your HDL, which in turn helps significantly in preventing heart attacks.

If you can’t walk a quarter of a mile in 5 minutes, your chance of dying within three years is 30% greater than that of a faster walker.  Not exercising is as much of a risk factor for disease in your heart or brain as is smoking or having high blood pressure.  Over half of Americans are completely sedentary. Start an exercise plan and extend your life today.

3. Ideal Weight:
There is a direct correlation between being overweight and dying from heart disease.  There was a study of almost three thousand autopsies to see the correlation between being overweight and dying of heart disease.  Of the ones who died from heart disease, seventy one per cent of them were overweight or obese.

The Annals of Internal Medicine gave an interesting report stating that overweight and obesity in adulthood are definitely linked to an increased risk for death.  They compared a normal weight group, with an obese group to find the life expectancy of each group. They found that obesity results in 5.8 years loss of life expectancy for males and 7.1 years for females.

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