Q&A: How can I prevent cancer as well as heart disease?

ID-100162868Question: I am a afraid of dying from cancer as I am of dying from a heart attack or stroke. Is there any thing I can do to prevent cancer?

Answer: The good news is that the same three Prescription for Life lifestyle changes that protect your arteries from heart attacks and strokes, also help prevent about a third of all cancers in the U.S. as reported in the medical literature. If you look just at two of the most common cancers, breast and colon, we find that the three lifestyles of eating the right foods, maintaining an ideal weight and exercising can prevent up to 38% of breast cancer cases and up to 45% of bowel cancer cases.

Cancer and Maintaining your Ideal Weight:
The American Cancer Society suggests that maintaining a healthy body weight may be the single most important role you can control, in the prevention of cancer. If you focus on the effect of weight concerning breast cancer, the American Institute for Cancer Research finding showed “the evidence that greater body fatness is a cause of postmenopausal breast cancer is convincing.” Add to that an article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology showing that losing as little as 5-10% of body weight may reduce a woman’s breast cancer risk 25-50%!

Cancer and Exercise:
Consistent exercise plays a vital role in cancer prevention. Reports show that the risk for colon cancer could be lowered by 20-25% by vigorous exercise an hour a day. The Breast Cancer Research journal reported that women who have a family history of breast cancer reduce their risk of breast cancer by a fourth by doing 20 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity at least five times a week, along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Are you proud that you don’t smoke? You’re rightly afraid of the lung cancer causing affects. Yet, many don’t realize the equally negative affect of inactivity. Medical reports state that being inactive affects your body in a similar way as being a smoker.

Cancer and Healthy Diet:
Studies show that being overweight and obesity contribute to 14% to 20% of all cancer-related mortality. Combined with a consistent exercise regimen, diet plays an important roll in combating these numbers. A diet low in saturated fat and in dairy products, such as cheese and whole milk, and high in plant food sources is my “prescription” for a longer, healthier life.

Certain foods play an important role in the prevention of certain cancers. In particular, increased fiber intake that is found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains helps to protect against colon cancer, which is the third most common cancer among both men and women.

Other foods play a role in increasing your cancer risk. The World Cancer Research reports that red meat is a “convincing” cause of colon cancer. And the American Institute for Cancer Research made a pointed statement that alcoholic drinks are a causative factor of breast cancer.

The bottom line is that you need to know how your lifestyle choices and the foods you eat affect longevity and health. Then choose to make positive changes. There are additional articles and reports shared on my blog and in my book. Overall, the best prevention for protection against cancer is making the Prescription for Life plan your new guide for the New Year.






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